Body Fat Calculator

What is Body Fat?

If we look dive into the definition of Body Fat, scientifically it is called Adipose tissue. It is a normal part of the human body that plays an important function in storing and keeping energy. Your Body Fat stores this energy for metabolic demands and needs. If there is an access amount of fats in your body then it is called Obesity. Types of Fat: Essential:

Essential body fat, as the name specifies it is necessary for the body because it maintains the proper working of your metabolism. Women have more essential fats as compared to men because of childbearing and hormonal function.

essential body fat

Storage: Storage body fat is the additional accumulated body fats. But, it does not mean it is unnecessary for your body. It keeps your abdomen and internal organs safe.

Fat calculation is different for different senarios. for example an army body fat calculator will be different from a general body fat calculator.

What is Body Fat Calculator?

A body fat calculator is a wonderful tool which is specifically designed to find the percentage of fat in your body. If you have been looking for a tool which will help you find the number of fats in your body, then you just arrived at the right place. I will not only tell you about the information related to your body fat but also how to use this tool in a much better way. I also wanted to find the percentage of fats in my body, but when I took myself to the internet, there was not a satisfactory tool around. Then I decided to make a tool of my own. It has been tested on 5000 people so far and the result obtained is 99.99% accurate so far. It has been helping a lot of people find their fats, and I am pretty much sure it will help you too.

How Our Body Fat Calculator Works?

My Body Fat Calculator estimates your total body fat according to a specific measurement. If you prefer to measure your body fats in the International System of Units(SI), then you should use the "Metric Units", which is by default as well. In order to get the best result, I will suggest you to the nearest 1/4 inch (0.5 cm).  The calculations are based on the US Navy method, but it also includes the calculation of the percentage of your body fat using the BMI method.

Measuring Body Fat Percentage

U.S Navy Method:

The above method involves equation which was developed at the Naval Health Research Center by  Hodgdon and Beckett in 1984. The equation for measuring relevant body parts is described below: Once a person gets these measurements, the use the following formula to estimate fat of your body. There are two equation provided, One uses U.S customary System (USC) which uses inches, and the other uses the International System of Units, which uses the unit of centimeters. Body fat percentage (BFP) formula for males: USC Units: BFP=86.010×log10(abdomen-neck) - 70.041×log10(height) + 36.76 SI, Metric Units: BFP =(495/1.0324 - 0.19077×log10(waist-neck) ) + 0.15456×log10(height))-450 Body fat percentage (BFP) formula for females: USC Units: BFP = 163.205×log10(waist+hip-neck) - 97.684×(log10(height)) + 36.76 SI, Metric Units: BFP =(495/1.29579 - 0.35004×log10(waist+hip-neck) + 0.22100×log10(height))-450

BMI Method:

Another method for calculating the fat percentage of the body is BMI. It uses the BMI method to estimate the percentage in BMI. The estimate of BMI involves the use of formulas which requires your hight and weight. Given BMI, the following formulas are used to estimate your body's fat percentage. Body fat percentage (BFP) formula for adult males: BFP = 1.20 × BMI + 0.23 × Age - 16.2 Body fat percentage (BFP) formula for adult females: BFP = 1.20 × BMI + 0.23 × Age - 5.4 Body fat percentage (BFP) formula for boys: BFP = 1.51 × BMI - 0.70 × Age - 2.2 Body fat percentage (BFP) formula for girls: BFP = 1.51 × BMI - 0.70 × Age + 1.4

Ways to Measure Body Fat Percentage

If you are looking for a perfect body shape or want to catch up with your friend during a race, there is one thing that might stand in the way: your body composition. Many people ignore this important fact in their lives, or the measure of fat mass to lean tissue, bone, muscle, ligaments, tendons, and organs. if you are having a high amount of fats in your body then there is a high chance of diabetes, high blood pressure, and other heart risks. This overall amount is not the only concern, distribution of body fat matters also. You should keep tracking your body fat to check the percentage of fats in your body.

How to Measure Body Fat Percentage?

Body Fats Calculator

1. Skin Calipers

The best way to measure the consumption of fats. A skin fold assessment test is used for this purpose. The skin is first pinched. You have to use the skin caliper device, then you have to measure the thickness for the skin fold of each site. After putting the numbers into the formula, you can find the body fat percentage.

2. Bioelectrical Impedance

The name may sound a bit familiar, bioelectrical independence is far from shock therapy. In fact, users do not need to even feel a thing of it. The scales of bioelectrical impedance may range from the simple to the complex. The device works by sending tiny electrical impulses in the body and will measure how quickly those impulses come back.

3. Hydrostatic Weighing

Hydrostatics weighing commonly referred to as underwater weighing has the ability to compare the normal weight of the body to the original weight. Using these two number and density of water, operators can easily and accurately calculate the subjects of density. This number is later used to find your body composition.

4. DEXA (Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry)

People might think that X-rays are only used for detecting the broken bones, but this DEXA exposes the person to a beam of X-rays of different intensities. You have to lie on a table and a mechanical arm will pass through your entire boy. This arm will emit a high-and-low energy X-ray beam. The technician then finds the bone mineral density of your body by measuring the density of each beam. You can also find the composition of your body like you can find out that which part of your body is the strongest or the weakest one.

5. Air-Displacement Plethysmography

Don't get confused with the name, Air-displacement plethysmography is actually very similar in working to underwater weighing. You are put in a small machine then by measuring the displacement around your body, technicians estimate the body density. This density of your body further leads to calculating your body composition.

6. 3D Body Scan

This option is easily available and accessible. There are several brands out there who are offering at-home services for the people. This will scan your body, take the circumference measurements of the different parts of your body and then track the fat of your body through a corresponding app. you can even know the muscle mass of your body as well. It is a full-length mirror which is embedded with sensors which use infrared light t provide a detail 3D image of your body. It also gives you the ability to view the 360-degree body view.